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Strengthen your Pelvic Floor to Improve Incontinence and Prolapse Symptoms in 12 weeks...

"I am a 67 year old and have been participating in Chantal's 12 Week Pelvic Floor Masterclass.  Last night was the first time that I could sleep through without having the urge to urinate during the night..."

"...I will continue this program indefinitely as it has become part of my daily routine due to the health benefits associated with your package! Excellent program!" 

"I have been accident free for 3 weeks now..." 

Up to 70% of women will suffer from incontinence in their lifetime and about 50% of women will develop a prolapse in their lifetime. And the fact that you are reading this means I am talking to you!

This is not a fact of life you just have to accept, you can do something to improve your symptoms and I am going to show you how!



Our Best Selling 12 week Pelvic Floor Masterclass© is comprised of a written guide & recorded video content that will help you:

  • Improve Pelvic Floor Strength and Function

  • Eliminate or Improve Incontinence & Prolapse Symptoms

  • Improve Sexual Function

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You do not have to live with the constant worry, embarrassment or discomfort that goes along with incontinence and prolapse.

This perfect for for:

  • Women who suffer with incontinence due to weakened Pelvic Floor muscles.

  • New mum's who would like to regain their Pelvic Floor strength and function.

  • Post-menopausal/menopausal women who feel they have lost tone in the Pelvic Floor.

  • Anyone who wants to improve their Pelvic Floor strength to avoid future complications such as incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse or sexual dysfunction.



"Thank you for giving back my dignity Chantal!  You are extremely knowledgeable and professional.  You treated my problem with unbelievable dignity.  I'm forever grateful and highly recommend your services!!"

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*For over 18's only.

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