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Pelvic Pain Syndromes

Here at Chantal Lowry Physiotherapy, we specialise in various different Pelvic Pain Syndromes with the most common being Bladder Pain Syndrome, Vaginismus, Vulvodynia, Dyspareunia, Pudental Neuralgia, Endrometriosis & Coccydynia. We see patients from right across Northern Ireland and Ireland.

We have nearly 15 years' experience and if you have any of these conditions, please get in touch for an initial consultation and we can start to put a plan together to help you overcome your pain. You can also purchase our Pelvic Floor Masterclass on our Shop.  It aids anyone with a weak pelvic floor, causing Incontinence, Pelvic Floor Prolapse & Sexual Dysfunction to mention a few.  

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Helping women across Northern Ireland & Ireland with Pelvic Pain Syndromes.

Bladder Pain Syndrome  

Bladder Pain Syndrome is a condition which regularly is misdiagnosed and isn't widely understood.   It requires assessment and treatment with a qualified professional who has extensive experience with this type of treatment. 


If you have bladder pain syndrome, you must not let it hold you back from dealing with it.  It is a condition which you may have by itself  or symptoms of other conditions may also be present such as Vulvodynia, Vaginismus & Dyspareunia.


Vulvodynia, Vaginismus & Dyspareunia are all conditions which are caused due to a dysfunction in the pelvic floor.  Sometimes all three symptoms are present alongside Bladder Pain Syndrome and sometimes a patient might just have one condition. 

Here at Chantal Lowry Physiotherapy, after diagnosis, we work to put in place comprehensive treatment plan for our patients with these pain syndromes which will enable them to make progress each week. 

Vulvodynia, Vaginismus & Dyspareunia

Pudendal Neuralgia can present in anyone but it is very common amongst cycling enthusiasts.  Symptoms of Pudendal Neuralgia include pelvic pain, numbness & pins and needles in the pelvic area as well as heightened sensitivity to pain etc. 


At Chantal Lowry Physiotherapy, we will undertake a holistic assessment of the patient and their lifestyle and work with them to reduce their symptoms so that their pain can be reduced and function can be restored.  

Pudendal Neuralgia


Women with Endometriosis can experience painful symptoms like abdominal pain, pelvic pain and heavy menstrual bleeding.

Chantal Lowry Physiotherapy offers a range of Physiotherapy treatments that can help ease symptoms of Endometriosis and improve quality of life. Our services include manual therapy, exercise prescription and postural correction techniques such as pilates. We also offer advice on nutrition, stress management strategies and lifestyle changes to improve your overall health


Coccyx pain is a debilitating condition that affects over 1 million people in the UK. It can be caused by trauma, childbirth, prolonged sitting or weak muscles.

Our Physiotherapy treatment aims to correct the position of the coccyx, reduce inflammation and release tight muscles around the pelvic area, which are often responsible for causing this contition. 

The therapy combines manual techniques with exercise routines to improve your posture and strengthen your core.



Treatment Plan


Subjective Assessment 

  • We examine your history.

  • We explore your symptoms.

  • We look at what bothers you most. 


Objective Assessment

  • We assess your entire body including your pelvic region to ascertain how complex your case is. 

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Comprehensive Treatment & Rehabilitation Programme

  • This programme will be personalised to suit your needs and expectations.  The programme will be reviewed regularly so that we can see your progress.  

"I suffered with Vulvodynia (with suspected"I suffered with Vulvodynia (with suspected Vaginismus & Interstitial Cystitis) for 10 years before finding out about Chantal Lowry Physiotherapy. I had been to numerous doctors in NI and none of them could tell me what I had until a Dermatologist was able to diagnose it in year 8. Up until that point, I didn't know that a Pelvic Physiotherapist was or did or I definitely would have booked an appointment. I decided in Year 10 that I had to overcome my fear and go and get the vulvodynia sorted with a Pelvic Physio: Enter Chantal Lowry Physiotherapy. I had been to 2 other Pelvic Physiotherapists in Northern Ireland prior to Chantal but lets just say that they weren't for me. Chantal's personality and manner from the outset was just so professional and she made me feel completely at ease and made me see that I had to go through with an internal examination if I ever wanted to rectify the problem. I have now been going to Chantal for approx. one year and all I can say is that she has been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G (no exaggeration) and I have progressed so much in the last year! If you have Vulvodynia like me and are scared of going to a Pelvic Physiotherapist, please don't be and my advice is to even book an initial appointment with Chantal and talk it over with her first. Vulvodyynia is a very real problem and Chantal will be able to advise to you what your best steps are after listening to your case history. She has taken me through a very bespoke treatment plan and it is working! She is a complete professional and listens as she genuinely loves helping people. Thanks Chantal for everything! If it hadn't have been for you - I would never have progressed as much as I did in the last year and am definitely on the road to being Vulvodynia free."


from a patient who had had Vulvodynia for approximately 10 years

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