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Post Natal Assessement


We normally see new mothers once they have had their 6 week assessment with
gynaecologist or midwife.

At Post Natal Assessment, we firstly give you a subjective examination.  We ask questions to ascertain what the birth was like, were there any issues and whether you have had any incontinence or pain since. 

This is followed by an external examination where we check your posture, spine, joints & muscles. 

Once this has been done, we usually then undertake an internal examination.  We check the pelvic floor function and make sure that everything is normal and that you have a normal sensation.   We also do an additional test on incontinence. 

Based on all of the above outcomes, we then will put together a personalised and bespoke rehabilitation plan to help get you back to tip top shape. 

Bladder Pain Syndrome  


A Post Natal Assessment is important for you as a mother on so many levels. Your pelvic health is fundamental to getting back to optimal function after the birth of child.


It is firstly important to have an assessment to identify any dysfunctions that need to be addressed.  If  for example your abdominal muscles remain weak, you are more likely to suffer from back pain.  Equally, if you have a pelvic floor weakness or dysfunction and are unable to coordinate the pelvic floor muscles, it could potentially cause a pelvic organ prolapse or incontinence. 

Importance of a Post Natal Assessment 

"I saw Chantal for a post natal assessment 8 weeks after having my baby girl.  She was great and made me feel so comfortable.  She was able to identify that I had some mild pelvic floor dysfunction and gave me home exercises to correct it.  I have had no issues since.  Thank you so much Chantal. "



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The Pelvic Floor Masterclass

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12 Week Intensive Programme 

  • Improve Pelvic Floor Strength and Function

  • Eliminate or Improve Incontinence &  Prolapse Symptoms

  • Improve Sexual Function

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