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Facebook Review

Chantal is a fantastic physio! Would put anyone at ease, both personal and professionally."



Google Review

"Fantastic physio. Sorted my back when no others could, would highly recommend."



Facebook Review

"Chantal is brilliant. approachable, very thorough & extremely professional."


"I am 67 years old and have been participating in Chantal's 12 Week Pelvic Floor Masterclass.  Last night was the first time that I could sleep throughout without having the urge to urinate throughout the night and I have been accident free during the day for 3 weeks now.  Thank you for giving back my dignity Chantal!  You are extremely knowledgable and professional.  You treated my problem. with unbelievable dignity.  I'm forever grateful and highly recommend your services!!" Carol.

Pelvic Floor Testimonial

Carol (Emailed Testimonial)

"I suffered with Vulvodynia (with suspected"I suffered with Vulvodynia (with suspected Vaginismus & Interstitial Cystitis) for 10 years before finding out about Chantal Lowry Physiotherapy. I had been to numerous doctors in NI and none of them could tell me what I had until a Dermatologist was able to diagnose it in year 8. Up until that point, I didn't know that a Pelvic Physiotherapist was or did or I definitely would have booked an appointment. I decided in Year 10 that I had to overcome my fear and go and get the vulvodynia sorted with a Pelvic Physio: Enter Chantal Lowry Physiotherapy. I had been to 2 other Pelvic Physiotherapists in Northern Ireland prior to Chantal but lets just say that they weren't for me. Chantal's personality and manner from the outset was just so professional and she made me feel completely at ease and made me see that I had to go through with an internal examination if I ever wanted to rectify the problem. I have now been going to Chantal for approx. one year and all I can say is that she has been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G (no exaggeration) and I have progressed so much in the last year! If you have Vulvodynia like me and are scared of going to a Pelvic Physiotherapist, please don't be and my advice is to even book an initial appointment with Chantal and talk it over with her first. Vulvodyynia is a very real problem and Chantal will be able to advise to you what your best steps are after listening to your case history. She has taken me through a very bespoke treatment plan and it is working! She is a complete professional and listens as she genuinely loves helping people. Thanks Chantal for everything! If it hadn't have been for you - I would never have progressed as much as I did in the last year and am definitely on the road to being Vulvodynia free."

Pelvic Pain Syndrome Testimonial

from a patient who had had Vulvodynia for approximately 10 years

"I saw Chantal for a post natal assessment 8 weeks after having my baby girl.  She was great and made me feel so comfortable.  She was able to identify that I had some mild pelvic floor dysfunction and gave me home exercises to correct it.  I have had no issues since.  Thank you so much Chantal. "

Post Natal Assessment Testimonial

Zoe (Emailed Testimonial)

"I have been attending Chantal for approx 2 years. I suffer from lower back issues and at first only went to see her when I had suffered great pain in my back. Now I routinely visit Chantal which keeps me free from the severe bouts of pain that I used to suffer from and enables me to regularly play golf. Have recommended to friends and family who have also used Chantal and received a quick diagnosis, followed by a friendly and professional service! 5 stars"

Spinal Health Testimonial

Noel (Facebook Review)

"Chantal is amazing at what she does. I have been going to her for an issue regarding my hip, and 8weeks in I'm almost pain free, something I thought would never happen!

Her knowledge and skills are superb.

Thank you"

Spinal Health Testimonial

Wendy (Facebook Review)

"I am not one for elaborate posts but thought it important that i share this. One morning I was weight training and during an overhead press movement (with far too heavy a weight) i felt crunching in my neck followed by instant pain and then immobility. I called Chantal and she told me to come to her practise straight away. After examination she advised me I had a problem with my C3/4 facet joint, along with my general alignment. This diagnosis took her all of 10 seconds. Due to the painful muscle spasming Chantal hard worked for 15 minutes with acupuncture and massage to get my neck to a point where she could manipulate the joint...which she did after 20 minutes. I walked in with tears in my eyes and left humbly thinking how bloody lucky i am to have her. THANK-YOU. The same afternoon i blow dryed my hair, we went out in the evening and now two days later and apart from minor stiffness i am back to normal!!!!


PS. for a long time Chantal has mentioned how critical the neck area is and it's so important that only qualified physicians work in that area due to the risks involved."

Neck Pain Testimonial

Rachel (Facebook Review)

"My son and I have both attended Chantal with back issues (following a recommendation from a mutual friend). She quickly diagnosed issues with my son's feet as the cause of his problems. We had our GP refer him to a podiatrist and the insoles which Chantal recommended have been sorted, which has given him a great deal of relief from his back pain.

For myself she has been wonderful, sorting out what was chronic back pain which was preventing me from sleeping and causing me to take constant pain medication. I still attend for remedial physio and have to say that I have the best night's sleep ever after a session and the acupuncture she uses on me."

Tendinotpathy & Chronic Back Pain Testimonial

Claire (Facebook Review)

"Highly recommend Chantal! After breaking my tailbone 2.5 years ago and suffering the knock on effects which this had, she has been able to help relieve my back pain and cure the migraines after a couple visits! (Something all the pain meds never did) With a combination of physio, manipulation and acupuncture. Very friendly & professional service."

Spinal Health & Migraine Testimonial

Hayley (Facebook Review)

Chantal was the only physio to sort out my excruciating shoulder - rotator cuff tendinitis! Professional, communicative and provided me with a step by step rehabilitation programme of gentle weights and band exercises allowing me to start back to tennis within 3-5 months. I would highly recommend Chantal every time - fantastic physiotherapist. Thank you! (and ps still thrashing that tennis ball!)

Rotator Cuff Testimonial

Angela (Facebook Review)

"Chantal is excellent physiotherapist and definitely knows her stuff! With a combination of manipulation, massage and acupuncture she has given me more relief in my back and shoulder and has helped with my headaches and migraines than any other physio I have been too. I would highly recommend Chantal to everyone."

Headache & Migraine Testimonial

Gemma (Facebook Review)

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The Pelvic Floor Masterclass

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12 Week Intensive Programme 

"Take your life back and have the freedom to do what you want, when you want, without the constant worry of incontinence."

Chantal Lowry

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