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The Pelvic Floor Masterclass

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12 Week Intensive Programme 

"Take your life back and have the freedom to do what you want, when you want, without the constant worry of incontinence."

Chantal Lowry

Pelvic Health

Although many fail to realise it, the pelvis is an extremely important part of a women's body as it is made up of ligaments, connective tissue, and muscles that are fundamental in supporting your bladder, uterus and bowel. A strong pelvic floor not only improves bowel and bladder control but also reduces the risk of prolapse & improves sexual function.

Here at Chantal Lowry Physiotherapy, we are deal with issues such as Incontinence, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Post Natal Assessment & Pelvic Pain Syndromes. Keep scrolling on this page to see the full list of Pelvic Pain Syndromes which we deal with.

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Why Choose Chantal Lowry Physiotherapy for your Pelvic Health Problems?

"I am a wife and mother of two beautiful boys which puts me in a very good position to understand the struggles of pelvic floor dysfunction from a professional as well as a personal point of view. 


Over the years I have developed a passion for Women’s Health Physiotherapy, mainly because I get so much satisfaction in knowing that a can make a real difference to the lives of so many already amazing women.

I hope to through this course improve the quality of life of women across the world and dispel the many myths we are made to believe like “it’s normal to leak a bit as I have had a baby” or “I’m post-menopausal so I expect things to change down there”. The Pelvic Floor is a group of muscles like any other and thus it can be exercised and it can be strengthened to function more effectively. 

Pelvic Floor weakness is not just a fact of life and I can’t wait to take you on a journey to a happier, healthier, stronger you!"

Chantal Lowry (Owner & Founder of Chantal Lowry Physiotherapy)

Areas of Expertise

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

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Pelvic Pain Syndromes


Post Natal Assessments


Our Treatment Plan


Subjective Assessment 

  • We examine your history.

  • We explore your symptoms.

  • We look at what bothers you most. 


Objective Assessment

  • We assess your entire body including your pelvic region to ascertain how complex your case is. 

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Comprehensive Treatment & Rehabilitation Programme

  • This programme will be personalised to suit your needs and expectations.  The programme will be reviewed regularly so that we can see your progress.  

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