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Acupuncture in an effective alternative therapy which involves the insertion of very thin needles through your skin in order to target certain areas of complaint throughout the body.


The benefits of acupuncture are plentiful and can include: pain relief, a reduction in muscle spasms, a reduction in joint stiffness, a reduction in swelling, promotion of relaxation and can also aid with your overall wellbeing.

Here at Chantal Lowry Physiotherapy, we use Acupuncture in our Spinal Health Treatments, in our Headache Clinics and to aid with Soft-Tissue Dysfunction.


Acupuncture Used for...


Spinal Health Treatments


Migraines | Headaches


Soft Tissue Dysfunctions

Treatment Plan


Subjective Assessment 

  • We examine your history.

  • We explore your symptoms.

  • We look at what bothers you most. 


Objective Assessment

  • We assess your entire body including your pelvic region to ascertain how complex your case is. 

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Comprehensive Treatment & Rehabilitation Programme

  • This programme will be personalised to suit your needs and expectations.  The programme will be reviewed regularly so that we can see your progress.  



"Chantal is amazing at what she does. I have been going to her for an issue regarding my hip, and 8weeks in I'm almost pain free, something I thought would never happen!

Her knowledge and skills are superb.

Thank you"

Wendy, Facebook Review

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