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APPI Pilates

All therapists at Chantal Lowry Physiotherapy are trained in APPI Pilates.  This can be incorporated into your treatment plan.

Pilates provides a wide range of benefits to the body.  Not only can it improve core stability and muscle control but it can also correct muscle imbalances, improve the speed of recovery, increase body awareness and postures as well as increase endurance.   Pilates is therefore the perfect treatment for many types of rehabilitation plans and injury prevention.

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APPI Pilates is Used for...


Posture Correction


Improved Spinal Flexibility & Strength


General Wellbeing

Treatment Plan


Subjective Assessment 

  • We examine your history.

  • We explore your symptoms.

  • We look at what bothers you most. 


Objective Assessment

  • We assess your entire body including your pelvic region to ascertain how complex your case is. 

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Comprehensive Treatment & Rehabilitation Programme

  • This programme will be personalised to suit your needs and expectations.  The programme will be reviewed regularly so that we can see your progress.  

APPI Pilates for spinal health


"Highly recommend Chantal! After breaking my tailbone 2.5 years ago and suffering the knock on effects this had she has been able to help relieve my back pain and cure the migraines after a couple visits! (Something all the pain meds never did) With a combination of physio, manipulation and acupuncture. Very friendly & professional service."

Hayley, Facebook Review

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